Quality Charter Pros

This Charter outlines a general code of conduct according to which all should be able to conduct business on AIR Pros, based on mutual trust and a win-win mentality — in compliance with current legislation.


It applies to all and you hereby accept to respect it.


1. Info and Availability

  • I am here to help and committed to bringing clear and concise solutions tailored to your needs.
  • I am committed to short response delays based on proper mailing etiquette.
  • I am dedicated and capable of adjusting to your personal and professional constraints.


2. Transparency

  • I am committed to providing you with accurate information.


  • Because your trust matters, I advertise my rates clearly and may be contacted for any further information, be it practical or technical.


3. Rates and freedom of choice

  • I am committed to carefully fulfilling my contractual obligations.

If implied or required by my occupation, I am liable to provide a detailed and specific quote, according to current regulations.


  • I will never demand payment based on a pro-forma invoice or quote, but on an irrevocably approved invoice in line with payment terms*. (Advances such as deposits or various options of deferred payment (ie: instalments.). However, you will be notified of such provisions.


  • I will not take the liberty of changing a price reached by mutual agreement, in case of a contingency or change in volume, technicality, equipment, etc… without seeking your prior approval and a signed agreement — or at least, one formally approved by you.


4. Privacy & Confidentiality

  • I care about your well-being, which is why I am always committed to getting in touch and providing services in a professional fashion.


  • In the event of a home-based mission, I am committed to respecting your privacy and the entire site, be it indoors or outdoors.


  • If I were to be foreseeably late or unable to show, I will let you know immediately to spare you the nuisance.


  • Upon choosing my products or services, you are choosing mutual trust and a healthy business environment.1


  • I am committed to providing evidence of my ability to provide or sell products or services (RC Pro Insurance Certificate, Ten-year warranty, Diplomas, Authorisations…)


5. Ethics and values

As warranty of quality for my services, I am committed to my profession’s ethics and values, as well as occupational regulations as dictated by law.

I declare having the needed qualifications to carry out said occupation, and abiding by current safety standards in compliance with my professional obligations.