Quality Charter individual users

To ensure top-notch service, we ask our partners to embrace a quality charter that underlies the way we bring individuals and entrepreneurs together..

To everybody’s satisfaction

Preserving your trust and providing satisfaction — our motto is the reason why our clients are held accountable to you based on this quality charter, as well as the reason why we have exclusively selected reliable and competent professionals to meet your needs.

Our professional ads

This platform exclusively gathers registered professionals. We pick our advertisers based on their skillset and company values.

Disputes between a business and a client

We cannot be held accountable for any legal dispute. However, if several complaints were to be filed via certified mail including relevant evidence (photos, bailiff report), we do reserve the right to discontinue said ads and sever our commercial ties with their author — for the sake of our company’s image and reputation.

Qualification and safety standards

Our advertisers declare that they are fully qualified to perform and abide by current safety standards, in line with sector regulations.

All our advertisers guarantee that they are adequately insured according to their respective professions.