On your profile page, you may specify your address or location. As a business owner, this means the map will display your office location. As a user, the address helps display automatically the nearest businesses to ask a quote to.

    Use the search tool (to specify the street) and the interactive map to find your exact location.

    Use the search field (1) to zoom on the map by specifying a street, area or city name.

    Searching for a specific street

    The search engine includes most streets across your region, but not all. In case your street does not come up, browse by area or city before using the map’s blue marker to further specify your location.

    Searching for a specific zone

    Searching for a specific area

    Searching for a city

    This search is a safe bet. It allows you to zoom on an entire city, before browsing the map with the blue marker until finding your exact location.

    Using the interactive map

    On the interactive map, as you move the blue marker (1), make sure to pick the nearest address to your new location in the search tool (2). On the map, you can shift zooming levels by clicking on the + or - buttons located on its top left corner (3)

    Once you are done, you may click on the “Next” button to modify automatically collected data. Your defined location’s longitude and latitude will be directly exported. Which allows us to know your exact location.

    Upon hitting “Next”, a pre-filled form will show based on your interactive map selection. You may edit if needed. After completing that step, click on “Save” to save your info.

    After saving all changes, your new address will be displayed.