This tab addresses business owners. Other users do not have access to this tab’s contents.

  • You may add your personal or business e-mail address, as well as a contact number.
  • We will reach out to you if any of these details were to need an update.

Define the various services offered by your organization, as well as your rates.

The “Service” tab allows business owners to review the full range of their services and either change or delete them as needed. They may also add other services by clicking on the “Add” button on the top left corner.

Add a service

Searching for a service

You may use the “search” field (2) to filter services. After finding a given service, all you have to do is specify pricing policy as applicable. The point being to help users in their search.

After specifying pricing (1) and rates (if need be), click on “save” (2) to add said service and pricing policy to your profile. If the displayed service does not match the one you picked, you can always go back to the search tool via the link on the top left corner (3).

Browsing the list of services

The list of services is organised in sections and sub-sections. For now, there are 4 sections with 1 or more sub-sections. All services are grouped together in sub-sections. Clicking on a sub-section will open or fold the related list of services.

Clicking on a section will display all associated sub-sections. Likewise, clicking on a sub-section will allow you to open or fold the list of services encompassed by that sub-section. Finally, clicking on a specific service allows you to specify the applicable pricing policy.

To wrap it all up, just click on “save” so that said service and associated pricing policy be added to your profile.

Note : If you do not find your service in the menu or via search, you may send us a message asking that we add it. We will send you an email to let you know once it is available.

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