This tab allows you to specify which degrees/qualifications underlie your company’s operations. You may add and/or edit these elements. That info will be available to other users on your profile page. Which is a way for them to be sure that you are qualified to provide the services you are advertising.

This tab allows you to quickly introduce your company. The description will then be translated into several languages (English, Spanish) and displayed on your profile page.

The basic formula allows for a 50 word description of your business. To add further content, you have the option to go Premium.

There are several links across the website that lead to the form to register a new business. For now, our indexing opportunities only address businesses.

Follow the link below to access the form and create a pro account:

Your email address will be used to receive user mailing such as quote requests or bookings. Your email and password are the key to your professional AIR pros page.

Your email address will not be disclosed to other users!

The SIRET registration number as well as the business owner’s name and last name are mandatory. Use the folding menu to select your company’s country.

Upon your first sign in to your professional profile page, attention will be brought to the information needed to activate your profile. Step by step support will be provided to save extra time in the process.

Required data for profile activation

  • Address (For the geolocalisation system)
  • Your services

Specifying business location

The first guided step is defining your company’s location. Which will allow us to display the approximate location of your business on the map.

Click “ignore” only if you intend to fill the address field later on. Otherwise, you will have to click on the “edit” button to add a location for your business.

PS :Specifying your company’s location is required to activate your business profile on AIR pros.

Use the search tool (to specify the street) and the interactive map to specify your company’s location.

Use the search tool (1) to center the map on a more confined area by entering a street, area or city name.

Searching for a specific street

The search engine includes most streets across your region, but not all. In case your street does not come up, browse by area or city before using the map’s blue marker to further specify your location.

Searching for a specific zone

Searching for a specific area

Searching for a city

This search is a safe bet. It allows you to zoom on an entire city, before browsing the map with the blue marker until finding your exact location.

Using the interactive map

On the interactive map, as you move the blue marker (1), make sure to pick the nearest address to your new location in the search tool (2). On the map, you can shift zooming levels by clicking on the + or - buttons located on its top left corner (3).

Once you are done, you may click on the “Next” button to modify automatically collected data. Your defined location’s longitude and latitude will be directly exported. Which allows us to know your exact location.

Upon hitting “Next”, a pre-filled form will show based on your interactive map selection. You may edit if needed. After completing that step, click on “Save” to save your info.

After saving your location, the new address will show and the “ignore” button will be replaced by the “next” button. Which means that this step was successfully completed and you may move on to the next step.

Fill the form to publish details on your business (Name, registration number, contact info,…). This form’s content may be edited at any time. You may add a profile picture matching your company visuals (logo, photo…).

You may provide the following details via that tab:

  • Link to your company’s website
  • Link to your company’s Facebook page
  • Your phone number for other users to get in touch with you
  • Language fluency (because your profile page will be automatically translated into several languages).
  • Update your address/location

Note: The password must be at least six signs long including one letter and one number.

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