Frequently Asked Questions


What is it?

  • It is a directory for local businesses that includes a geolocalisation system and automatic content translation.

The website is optimised to ease organic indexing of all registered businesses.

How does it work?

  • You can find businesses based on their services or location, or even check their profile before reaching out. We ease the search process in view of providing users with a better experience.

I wish to use a mobile phone / tablet application

  • A mobile app is to be released in 2019.


Why is it free?

  • We do not charge for our website’s indexing services. The more businesses join our ranks, the more users will browse our website. Businesses looking for additional exposure can purchase an annual membership.

How do you attract users to your website (and therefore, our business profiles)?

  • Based on optimised, organic indexing, as well as digital ad campaigns aimed at getting users to know of our website.

If I purchase a subscription, what will be the return on investment?

  • Your profile will gain extra exposure, thereby generating more visits on your page. Which will increase your visibility.

Competitors and Jarrypro

  • For the time being, these competitors pool a significant share of the market but soon enough, considering the growing volume of indexed businesses, we will end up generating more pages than them. Which means that search engines will display our website before theirs.


Will my competitors appear in the app.?

  • We cannot restrict access to the platform. Our indexing offer is free.

I provide services all around the region

  • Users can also perform a search using cities or services as filters. However, you may purchase the Premium formula to ensure greater visibility.